Can I even count the number of times I've driven past this building in my life? Probably not. When my family first moved out to the Boondocks, this building was the historic Hanson House. My best post-breakup BLT as a teenager was had on the deck when it was Billy's Lighthouse. Then it sat vacant for years, kind of rotting and becoming an eyesore most of us just ignored as we drove by. Now that it's in the process of becoming Birch's on the Lake, I've witnessed its transformation from gutted to gorgeous.

I knew Burt Joseph and partner Brennan Greene wanted a modern supper club with a destination brewery in the basement, but I had no idea that it was going to be so swank. Joseph had thrown the words Vegas and North Woods Loungey around, and I admit that I was nervous. But the interior is entirely fresh and new, with lots of welcoming woods, fireplaces, and warm leather accented by splashes of glam here and there.


The lobby sets the tone that wine is important, and that this is more than a brewpub.


The bi-level bar and dining room has plenty of classic touches, like the rolling bar chairs that have just enough "Vegas" for Joseph. The flooring throughout is beautifully refinished barnwood.

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